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Fuel Tanks from YorPower

YorPower set themselves apart from the competition by ensuring all fuel tanks are bunded. With 2 layers, any damage or breaking does not result in loss of fuel. Metal, as opposed to plastic, provides added protection, durability and longevity of the fuel tank.

All our diesel generators up to 700kVA are supplied with a bunded integral fuel tank in the skid as standard. Typically these have a minimum 8 hour capacity at full load.

There are many situations where a larger fuel tank capacity for generators is required. YorPower can supply external fuel tanks, single skinned or bunded, from 100 gallons / 454 litres to 13,168 gallons / 60,000 litres in our standard range.
Additionally, bespoke tanks can be supplied. We also offer a full fuel-pipe installation service, and peripheral equipment including fill point cabinets and bund alarms.

Extensions to the size of integral fuel tanks up to 24 hours are available on certain sizes of generator.