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Featured Diesel Generators


Diesel generators from the UK ‘s No.1 independent generator specialist. Our diesel generators are built to exacting standards which meet all current European wide legislative requirements. The  diesel generators we deliver achieve, electrical standards and performance criteria for EU countries we serve. The YorPower built diesel generators incorporate engines comprising, Perkins, Cummins, Volvo and MTU. We are one of the UK’s largest independent Power Generation businesses which allows us to specify only the most suitable diesel generator(s) for a specific application. Find out more about us.

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Our diesel generators are for sale directly from our factory in the UK or can be shipped abroad and purchased through our distributor network. We supply worldwide – including Asia and Africa. YorPower is a specialist independent diesel generator supplier and assembles, designs and builds generators from 10KVA to 3000KVA. Our diesel generators in the mid to larger sizes have been designed and developed to handle large single step-load demands with short recovery times, to ensure optimum performance. From the very small to the largest single gensets, YorPower diesel generators deliver first class performance and reliability underpinned by our manufacturer’s Warranty. This year we are celebrating our 30th anniversary. It is a testament to our pedigree that we are still designing generator power systems that have mass appeal across the world for 1 Phase and 3 Phase applications at both at 50 and 60Hz. It is a substantial achievement and one that we are really proud of.


At the heart of what we do is a desire to innovate. If we can design and produce more efficient generators that are lighter, quieter, use less fuel and are more reliable, we will continue to grow and expand our business.

Recent innovations include:

  • Fully reportable remote monitoring devices installed on diesel generator control panels allowing diagnostic reports to be conducted off-site
  • New mobile and portable generator kits allowing heavy diesel generators to be moved more easily when on site
  • Start on demand generator systems which reduce fuel usage as engines only run when the demand requires it
  • After treatment on exhaust silencer systems to reduce engine emissions that contain N0X and Carbon Monoxide.


A diesel generator manufactured by YorPower can be bought on most continents of the world. With Headquarters in the UK and bases in Kenya, Mexico, Bangladesh, Australia, Ghana, Nigeria and dealers in many other countries, YorPower operates on a global scale.

We have diesel generator holding facilities in key strategic locations and we are always keen to hear from people and businesses who want to become YorPower distributors at home and abroad. If you want to be a dealer we would be delighted to hear from you.

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