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“  Just a line to let you know what a pleasure it has been to work with the YorPower team. The project is now more or less buttoned up with commissioning and training just about completed. Brian and Peter fitted in to the team from the very start and from a personal point of view I believe we all planned and worked well, the odd problem that did appear was dealt with as a team and in a timely fashion.  ”

Latest News

Posted Date 18th February 2019
Perkins Standby Power to Specialist Acoustic & Thermal Insulation Company

YorPower will be sending out a 250kVA Perkins canopied generator at the beginning of next week. The Perkins powered genset will be used as standby power in case of...

Posted Date 18th February 2019
YorPower Supply Perkins Generator to African Gold Mine

YorPower recently dispatched a 100kVA (P110GW) Perkins canopied generator to a gold mine in Burkina Faso. A relatively new addition to the company’s multiple mines,...

Posted Date 14th February 2019
YorPower supply backup Generator to Plant Nursery

YorPower will be dispatching the wonderful gift of an open Perkins generator this Valentines Day for a plant nursery in Beverly. The 200kVA generator will be...

Posted Date 11th February 2019
Cummins Back-Up Generator for World Leading Minerals Company

YorPower recently dispatched a large, 350kVA Cummins Canopied generator (YCS400RSC) to provide standby power for a world leader in mineral-based specialities.

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Diesel Generators

Diesel Generators for sale by specialist independent generator manufacturer and leading independent, YorPower, assembles and designs diesel generators from 10kVA to 3000kVA. YorPower guarantee the very best prices, direct from the factory. Our diesel generator range in the mid to larger sizes have been designed and developed to handle large single step-load demands, with short recovery times, to ensure optimum diesel generator performance. From the very small to the very large our Diesel generators deliver first class performance and reliability underpinned by the YorPower Warranty.

Our pedigree and capability to design diesel generator power systems that have mass appeal all over the world, for domestic applications in 1 Phase and 3 Phase industrial and commercial projects, both at 50 and 60hZ stretches nearly 30 years. We also supply used generators for customers who have a more economical budget, ideal for emergency generator applications and/or one off seasonal requirements.

Core Values

Our generators should always be something people are pleased with and feel good about. Our culture is defined by British grit, tradition, determination and innovation; in essence to go the extra mile. For us, these traits are all equal and complement each other and form a unity. The combination of tradition, innovation and a range of fascinating products is also reflected in our staff measures and the agreements we have with our employees.


Available direct from the factory, YorPower diesel generators are built to exacting standards and without compromise. In the UK and around the world we have a reputation for producing high quality, fuel efficient generators that keep noise levels to a minimum and deliver excellent performance....


Diesel Generators
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We can help and set-out some of the key technical criteria when specifying a large standby power project or considering a small domestic basic system for customers wherever you may be in the world.
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