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Lister Petter Spares

Lister Petter Spares and Parts

Lister Petter Spares can be obtained directly from YorPower. Lister Petter has a long history of building industrial engines that last and in many parts of the world, they still continue to operate after 30 years. Lister Petter spares for legacy engines can be obtained, as long as you can provide the part number and/ or engine model. The Company has been established for over 140 years and continues to produce advanced diesel engines for a wide range of applications and has consistently set the standard in innovation, quality and reliability. Based in the UK, Lister Petter operates globally and has manufacturing capability in key strategic locations. Its engines have been used by YorPower for over 20 years primarily in the smaller diesel generator sector due to their solid reliability, durability and functionality. At YorPower we aim to please customers by delivering what we believe to be the right solution, taylored specifically and at the heart of Lister Petters success has been its focus on wanting to exceed customers expectations. Even where power requirements may not be as large, there should be no compromise in delivery or expectation. Lister Petter engines are outstandingly reliable, durable and offer a powerful combination with a range of alternators.


Yorpower have been providing genuine Lister Petter Spare Parts to customers for nearly 18 years and dispatching all over the world, to Kenya, Liberia, Ghana and Nigeria. We know that because of the network and availability of Lister Petter components, our customers can be confident in the knowledge that if they need something fast, regardless of where in the world they are, we can deliver. YorPower is one of the major distributors of Lister Petter spares.

For more information on Lister Petter engines or Lister Petter spares, please feel free to contact us; we would be delighted to help.

Commonly requested and stocked Lister Petter Parts

201-13118 Fuel Filter
328-21600 Oil Filter
336-06227 Air Filter
351-29760 Fuel Filter
602-41760 Air Filter
751-10620 Oil Filter
751-12870 Oil Filter
751-18100 Fuel Filter
757-27890 Air Filter

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